Codes To Transfer Money From UBA TO All Banks In Nigeria

In the past banking has been a difficult thing and many people see it as stressful, this is because you have to queue to make a deposit and also withdraw. Due to how stressful it is not everyone has a bank account and therefore saves their money at home, digs a hole, and many other ancient ways.

United Bank of Africa (UBA) has been in Nigeria for over sixty-five (65) years now, with branches all over the state even down to the towns and communities bringing banking to the grass root and making savings more secure.

With the new improvement in technology, UBA has used the opportunity to make life easier for its customers.

How To Transfer Money From UBA

About seventeen (17) to eighteen (18) years ago to make a transfer you will have to go to the bank and queue whether it’s the same bank or not.

Sometimes there might be an emergency but still, you will need to queue.

Good news! There are now easier ways to make transfers from your UBA Bank account by using USSD codes.

Using USSD Code To Transfer Money From UBA

The USSD code is the easiest way to make a transfer from UBA to UBA and other banks. This service does not need any form of internet connection.

What is the requirement?

Make sure your line is activated to use the USSD code. And if not follow this step to activate your line first before you can make use of the USSD code successfully.

  • From the mobile line registered with the UBA account dial *919#.
  • Dial 1 to sign up USSD code.
  • carefully fill in the right requirement.
  • Create a 4- digits pin that you can remember.
  • Select the prepaid option( if you are not on the prepaid).
  • Dial your ten (10) digits UBA account number.
  • Dial the last 4- digits on your ATM card.
  • Create a 4-digit pin and confirm it in the next, this pin is what you will use for all your transaction on the USSD profile.
  • You will then receive a message to show that it’s successful.

If this is done then you can now make your transfer using the USSD code.

using USSD to make transfer
Transfer Code

Transferring money from UBA to UBA using USSD Code

  • From the mobile number used to register your UBA account dial *919*3*Accountnumber of the receiver*amount# example: *919*3*2013452710*23000# and send.

Transferring Money from UBA to Other banks using USSD Code

  • From the mobile number used to register your UBA account simply dial *919*4*account number of the receiver* Amount#, example *919*4*0128475839*10000# and send.

Important Notice

  1. You will be charged.
  2. You must use the mobile line registered to the UBA account number.
  3. You must be careful when dialing the receiver’s account detail and amount.

Hope this article was helpful

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