How To Verify Your PVC Online

The Permanent Voters Card (PVC) is compulsory for every Nigerian with the eligible age (18 years and above) to vote and be voted for. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had announced later that many PVCs that were issued in 2011 is invalid and they had to be verified to enable that PVC to be accepted by the new upgraded machine.

This article is to guild you on how to verify your PVC online by yourself in just two (2) minutes. So if you have your PVC you can go ahead to verify it to be sure that the upgraded machine can access your card on the day of the election. But if you still don’t have your PVC then you can try any of the INEC centers to find out if you can still register.

The Benefit of Verifying Your PVC

  • Your PVC will be accepted by the upgraded machine on the Election Day which will cause your vote to be counted.
  • The PVC is also a means of identification, verifying makes it valid.
  • A verified PVC can be used for the opening of a bank account or any registration that demands a valid ID.

The Requirement

  • You must have registered and your PVC is with you.
  • Smartphone or laptop and an Internet connection.

How to Verify Your PVC / Check Your PVC Status

Check your PVC status
Check your PVC status

If filled correctly in some minutes your full detail will be displayed. Then you are good to go use your PVC for your bank account opening, upgrading, and more.

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Important Notice

Understand the INEC had announced that the Continuous Voters Registration ends on the 30th of June 2022, so it is wise to take this matter seriously and held to the above instruction to be able to vote.

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