How To Correct Your Name On BVN

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) thinks to reduce fraud and increase the efficiency of banking operations and also to enable customers to access future credit facilities in Nigeria, banks need to know their customers (Know Your Customer). For this purpose, every customer has to be identified by their Bank Verification Number (BVN). But some people did not understand the reason for BVN and did not take it seriously so they have issues with names not corresponding with their National ID, International passport, and other valid ID cards.

Is your name on your BVN not corresponding with that of your National ID or other valid ID cards? Worry no more it can be corrected, this article will show you how to correct your name on your BVN, and what is required.

The Requirements for Change of Name on your BVN

Correct your name on your BVN
Correct your name on your BVN

There are many reasons why people change their name one such is marriage, misspelled, error and omission of name, change of faith, and wrong names, but in all, it can be corrected.

The Requirements for change of name when it is because of Marriage

Marriage is one of the reasons ladies change their last name to that of their husbands’ name and the requirements are:

  • A valid government-issued ID.
  • Marriage certificate/ affidavit stating that you are married to your spouse (name) to wish to effect the change of name on your BVN.
  • A newspaper publication, telling the general public that you are now changing your last name to your husband’s name.

If the above requirements are ready then go to the bank where you enrolled for BVN and you will be given a form to fill, please fill it carefully, make sure you go with the original copy of the published newspaper, and within 48hours the change will be affected.

The Requirements for a change of name when your name is misspelled

  • A valid government-issued ID, either a National ID, voters’ card, or International passport can be used to verify that your name is spelled wrongly and this is all you required, and the change will be made according to the name on the original valid government-issued ID.

The Requirements for a change of name when there is an omission of a name

This is when your middle or last name is omitted or your name is entirely wrong then you need to provide the bank where you enrolled for your BVN:

  • A valid government-issued ID.
  • an affidavit stating your correct name as it is arranged in the valid government-issued ID.
  • A newspaper publication of your name as it is both in the affidavit and valid ID.
  • A BVN upgrade form will be given to you at the bank.

When the requirement and the BVN amendment form are filled out then submit and the change will the made within 48hours.

Important Notice

Understand that the correction of the name on your BVN can only be done where you did your BVN enrollment irrespective of your bank if it is done in your bank good but if not please you can only effect such change where you did your BVN enrollment. The affidavit and newspaper publication can be done for a token.

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