How To Share Data On MTN In Just Two minutes

Are you finding it difficult to share data with your family and friends? This will show you the step by steps you need to take to make that happen in just two (2) minutes with your MTN lines.

There is what we call MTN Gift data, it is a platform that enables all MTN subscribers to share data with their loved ones from their active bundles. The MTN Gift data is in three forms; Transfer data, Buy for a friend, and Request from a friend. The transfer data is directly from your active data bundle to the receiver, the buy for a friend is from your airtime and the last one already explains itself.

How To Share Data On MTN

This service is beneficial to all MTN users. I use this platform a lot except for requests from a friend I think I am going to try that one today. but in this article, we are to focus on the transfer data.

There are things you should know or will I say do first before using the MTN Gift Data platform which are:

  • You will need to pick a data plan and activate it.

MTN has a daily plan, weekly plan, monthly plan, and yearly plan. it is preferable to share or transfer data from your weekly, monthly, or yearly data bundles because there is a data limit you can share daily. most of the time the daily plan are not much.

  • The next thing to do is to choose an MTN Tariff Plan that is suitable for you and activate it.

These are the first steps you should take and if that is done you can proceed to the next.

How To Transfer Data In Just Two (20) Minutes

  • Dial *131*7# and send with your MTN line.
Transfer data from MTN to MTN
Transfer Date from MTN to MTN
  • Select 1 (Transfer data).
  • Enter the MTN number of the receiver and send.
  • Choose the amount of data you want to send and send.


How To Link Your NIN To Your MTN Line

Important Notice

If you have followed the above instruction and it was not successful then there is a need for you to activate your MTN line to enable you to use the MTN Gift Data platform.

Someone may ask can I transfer from my MTN to another network? the answer is no you can only transfer data to MTN subscribers.

The minimum data you can share is 50MB and the maximum is 1GB per day.

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