How To Prevent Facebook From Sharing Your Personal Data

Most of the time our data are exposed to the public which allows everyone to see our date of birth, schools, and where we are from just like that some wicked follower may go ahead and view who your friends are and request to be their friends so when they send a request you will see a mutual friend and you think maybe this person knows me whereas is just another way to get close to you.

Reasons Why You Must Prevent Facebook From Sharing Your Personal Data

There are reasons why you should privatize your Facebook account and they are:

  • Impersonation

When wrong people come across your profile and can see your work history and even your picture, it may not go down so try not to display that vital information.

  • Hacker

If your data can be seen by the public your Facebook account can easily be hacked, especially when your password is mixed up with your personal information, except you have done your Two-step verification

  • Scammed

It is important to also protect your Facebook friend because they might hack their Facebook account and scam you or hack your and scam your friends.

How to Prevent Facebook from Sharing your Personal Data

Go to Setting and adjust the following:

Prevent Facebook from sharing your personal information.
Privatize your Facebook account
  • Your profile information is to be seen only by your friends to avoid unnecessary friend requests.
  • Click on ‘Followers and Public Content’ and also adjust, you have to decide what you want the public to see.
  • Click on ‘Viewing and Sharing‘ you have to know who can post on your profile, who sees what others have posted on your profile and who can see the post you are tagged in all these things are important.
  • Take note of the ‘Apps and Websites’ and adjust because most of the websites we sign in with our Facebook account can also share our personal information, if you must sign in please go to setting and click on Apps and Websites and all the website you have a sign in before with your Facebook account will be displayed just remove the ones you don’t need.

Always remember to log out each time you finish with your Facebook.

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