What To Do When Your Facebook Account Is Hacked

I think it is only four percent (4%)of people in the world that doesn’t have a Facebook account, the reason being that you can catch up with an old schoolmate, childhood friend, or family member, and a lot more, social media is just bringing the world closer to you.

You can see how essential your Facebook account is and why you need to make sure it is not hacked, click more to understand how you protect your Facebook account from hackers.

Is your Facebook account hacked? Do not panic, this article will guild you on what to do when your Facebook account is hacked, but first, you have to be sure that your account is hacked and that there are ways to find out.

Secure your Facebook account from hackers.
Secure your Facebook account

How to Know If Your Facebook Was Hacked

  • Log in to your Facebook account and click on the arrowhead at the top (the right side) to open the menu and click Setting and Privacy then to Settings to Security and Login.

This one will enable you to see where and when your account was logged in, and with that, you will know if someone else is logged in to your Facebook account. If there are any unknown devices you spotted you have to scroll and click log out all sessions and change your password.

  • When also private messages are sent without your knowledge, just go to Settings and then to Information to see if your details are changed.

When noticed any of these then your Facebook account is hacked.

What To Do When Your Facebook Account Is Hacked

  • If you can still access your Facebook account then, Change Your Password

This is to show that the hackers have not changed your password by just going to Settings to Security and Logins and then clicking Change of Password.

Report that your Facebook account is hacked, then Facebook will win it back to you
Report that your Facebook account is compromised will help your recover your account

Important Noticed

You must log out of all the devices especially when you see the ones you don’t know, create a new and strong password that is not related to the last one or any of your private information, and make sure to secure your Facebook account by setting your Two-factor verification step it will also give you an edge over hackers.

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