Requirements For International Passport 2022

I want to travel outside this country how can I get an international Passport? That is the first question of everyone who wants to travel outside this country. But what is International Passport all about. The International Passport is a document that is issued to Nigerians within and outside Nigeria who want to travel outside the country for one reason or the other.

For everyone who wishes to travel outside the country will need an International Passport before he can obtain a visa to any country of his choice. The Nigeria International Passport is also a means of identification for Nigerians, this article is going to show what is required to get an International Passport.

The Nigeria Immigration Services (NIS) is an agency that is in charge of issuing International passports, the NIS only offers electronic Passports for new Nigeria International Passport applications. And the Passport is of two types the ‘Standard and the Official. The Standard e-passport can be applied by the citizens of Nigeria and the passport is covered with green color while the Official e-passport is used by government officials, the passport is covered with blue color.

You can apply online or at the nearest NIS office close to you, for those outside Nigeria can also apply online or at any Nigerian consulate.

The Requirements for International Passport

Requirements Nigerian International Passport.
Nigerian International Passport

The requirements for adults (18 years and above):

  • Your Local Government Identification Letter.
  • Birth certificate or age declaration.
  • Complete passport application form.
  • Proof of payment.
  • Clear and recent two colored passports photograph.
  • Complete Guarantor’s form with a photocopy of Guarantor’s Nigeria e-passport and a passport-size photograph of the Guarantor. The Guarantor’s form should be sworn before a commissioner of oath/ High Court Judge/Magistrate.

The requirements for those below 18 years:

  • Complete passport application form.
  • Proof of payment.
  • Birth certificate/ age declaration.
  • Letter of consent from both parents (if one of the parents is not available you will need to get a court order).
  • Evidence of citizenship of parents.
  • One passport photograph.

If those requirements are met then you are ready to apply.

Important Notice

The 32-page Nigerian International Passport is mostly given to those who do not travel outside the country often while the 64-page Nigerian International Passport is issued to those who travel frequently, especially for business people and people that have jobs outside.

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