How To Apply For International Passport

If you are reading this post it shows that you want to be educated on how to apply for an International passport either for yourself or for your loved ones, if that is the case you are welcome, this article is to guild you on how to apply for an International passport both for Nigerian within and outside the country.

Before you can obtain a visa you must have first an International passport. Be reminded that the International passport is not only for traveling but is a means of identification. The National Immigration Services (NIS) is the agency that is in charge of issuing International passports, according to the NIS that before you can get an International passport there are specific requirements you must meet to see the criteria, click The Requirement for International Passport.

The Cost of International Passport

The International Passport is classified into two, the 32-page which is mostly given to people who do not travel frequently, and the 64-page e-passport is given to those that travel frequently and those who work outside the country. The cost for each e-passport is stated below:

Minor (age 0-17) Adult(18 to 59)Senior (60 and above)
32-pages Booklet₦ 8,750₦ 15000₦ 8750
64-pages Booklet₦ 20000₦ 20000₦ 20000
This data is directly from the National Immigration Services portal.

How to Apply for International Passport

  • Go to the National Immigration services Portal.
  • Select passport type, you have to choose the option that concerns you and then click the start application button.
  • Select processing country, you have to select the country you want to get your passport from.
  • Carefully and correctly complete the application form.
  • Scan and upload the required document.
  • Make payment through any means that is convenient for you and when done click the submit button.
  • You then will be issued an application ID and Reference Number.
  • You have to print out your Guarantor’s form.
  • Go to the Immigration office to finalize the application and make sure to go with the additional document.
Apply for your International passport
Apply for your International Passport

Important Notice

Both those within and outside the country will follow the online registration and go to the specific NIS in person to complete their biometrics.

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