How To Protect Your Twitter Account

When it comes to social media platforms almost everyone is involved in one platform or the others and some are on all social media platforms. But the sad news is that social media accounts can be hacked just like Kim Kardashian, Jack Dorsey, and others whose Twitter account was hacked. This article is to teach you how to protect your Twitter account from hackers and protect your friends and family from being scammed.

When a Twitter account is being hacked, the hacker access to your private conversations and share it, also can start share embarrassing photos at first your followers may think is you, to avoid such things it will be better to protect your Twitter from hackers.

How to Protect your Twitter from Hackers

Just like other social media platforms the Twitter platform have steps that you need to carry out to protect your account from hackers, follow this steps to help you protect your Twitter account according to Twitter Help Center:

  • You need to create a very strong password that you can’t be able to login in another device.
  • Enable your two-factor authentication and click to start the process.
Protect your twitter account from hacker, start with the two-factor authentication.
Protect your Twitter account from hackers
  • Request to reset your password link and code and it require your E-mail and mobile number.
  • Do not give your Username and Password to anyone even if they promise to get you followers.
  • Always make sure you are at before you enter your Password.
  • Always make sure your computer software which include your browser and Anti-virue software is updated.

Important Notice

By creating a password do not use any personal information such as name, event or birthday and also you can only use an email address to one Twitter account, if your account is compromised change your password immediately go to Twitter Help Center for more info.

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