How to prevent phone theft (Android and iPhones)

The recent happenings of theft around the globe are quite alarming and have brought about not just loss of contact and pictures but also has made maybe in the money.

Imagine getting to the office and then you find out that you left your phone at home. See how disturbed you become even when you know that your phone is safe at home, you are still disturbed. Imagine losing your phone entirely. No matter how conscious you are, sometimes you still can’t tell how the phone was stolen, that does not mean you are careless or not conscious of your phone, it is because we live in a world with people who are covetous, greedy, and that is full of hate.

How to Prevent Theft

It’s true that theft can’t be stopped not even by the law, because if by the law then crimes like these might have been reduced but right now the reverse is the case.

Therefore with this kind of situation, it’s very necessary to take caution in the following

  • Always watch the kind of vehicle you enter or carry (for people who drives).
  • Make sure that your phones are well inserted in your bags, please not your pocket, or better still hold your phone.
  • Always keep the curtains of your windows especially down to avoid visibility from outside.
  • It’s good to help others but don’t share your password or code of your phone with just anybody.
  • Download the theft alerts or activate them on your phone. There are apps you can download on your smartphones to alert you.

How to get theft alert apps

These apps alert you especially when your phone is unplugged either when charging or when your earphones are unplugged without your notice. This app helps to alert you anywhere when your phone is unplugged from the charger or earphones. You can be in the office charging your phone and someone unplugs your phone, the alert comes up and can’t be stopped by anyone except you through your activated password. therefore it’s wise not to share your password or pattern.

Theft Alert app for smart phones.
Theft Alert mobile app

This app can be downloaded or activated if it’s on your phone already.

You can download this from your google play store, just type in Theft Alert in the search space or click the link below

Download the Theft Alert App

Look for the one compatible with your phone that has the above features and even more and then download, install and activate.

Also, some good android phones already had it, just go to settings look for it, and activate it.

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