How To Delete Spam Messages On WhatsApp

Have you ever been added to a WhatsApp group by a stranger only to receive a lengthy message with a lot of links you were supposed to read when you left the admin private chat with the same message?

Without a doubt, WhatsApp chat and groups for schools, friends, coworkers, and business relationships are now commonplace. It is all too easy to say something you didn’t mean to the wrong person because of the constant communication; or even a comment that has been dropped because the conversation is moving forward.

Have you received a lot of spam messages recently? You will be able to deal with it quickly if you follow the instructions.

How to Remove Spam Messages from Your WhatsApp Conversation

How to delete spam messages on WhatsApp group
How to delete spam Messages on WhatsApp group

You can remove spam messages from both your WhatsApp chat and the WhatsApp group you create to maintain order and keep your WhatsApp conversation clean.

1. Navigate to the WhatsApp group or chat where the spam messages are.

2. A menu will open if you tap on the spam message and hold it there for a while.

3. Select whether to delete only for you or for everyone.

If you want to delete multiple messages, you should perform the same action for each message. After long-pressing, tap Delete for everyone or you, and repeat as necessary.

You can easily delete spam messages as an admin for everyone in the WhatsApp  group.
You can easily delete spam messages as an admin for everyone in the WhatsApp group

Important Notice

By deleting spam messages that contain viruses, you are protecting yourself and the other members of the group, who may not be able to recognize them. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to delete spam messages that contain viruses.

Another reason to delete spam messages is that they can also be a waste of time. It can quickly become irritating and obstruct conversation if a member of your group sends spam messages regularly. The conversation may become more enjoyable and focused after these messages are deleted.

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