How To Correct Your Name And Date Of Birth On Your Voters Card Online 2022

One significant way you can identify yourself is through your voter’s card, having the voters card gives you the right to vote and be voted for. During the voter’s card registration in 2011 many had to leave for their hometown to register and most of these centers were crowded with just three (3) or four (4) officials attending to them, In 2018 another registration was conducted for those who were not of age and that was not able to register in 2011.

When I collected my voter’s card I found out that my year of birth was wrong and my name was not correct. before this time I had a bank account that has not been used for about two (2) years and one faithful day I received an alert from a company I did a job for, I went straight to the bank to withdraw and was asked to activate the account with a valid id card so I quickly gave them my voters card, the lady brought the card saying my age and my name is different from that of my bank details and I just could take that money until was able to get another Id card. I have seen people with similar issues sometimes you are asked to fill out a form at the Nigeria Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office. Because of so many reasons people with such issues were not able to solve this problem. INEC has made things easy for everyone with such issues.

This article will show the steps to take for you to successfully correct your name and age in just no time.

How To Correct Your Name And Age On Your Voters Card Online

INEC had made it easy that you can correct your name and age by yourself, at your convenient time with your smartphone or laptop and Internet connection.

Step 1

  • The first thing is to go to INEC Portal
  • By creating an account, you can also sign in with your Gmail
  • A page will be displayed that requires you to verify if your voters’ registration is valid or not. You will need to fill that form correctly such as your name on the voter’s card, state of registration, and date of birth. if your details are correctly filled in the form your details will be displayed like this.
Verify PVC
As valid PVC

If yours appears like this there is no need for you to register again.

  • Before you can correct your name or age you will need to review your detail to update them click on ‘ Review Information’.
  • At this point, if you don’t have NIN you can’t continue the process. And if you do, enter in your NIN.
  • The request to share your data with National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) accept.
  • Click on Save and continue
  • The next will be a passport section, I really waste a lot of time doing this. You have to take two (2) clear passports with your laptop camera one is a neutral face and the other is a smiling face.
  • If the upload of the passport you have taken is successful, you will be directed to print or download a PDF.
  • Click on ‘My Application
  • On the next page click on ‘Information Update'(Request Update)
  • Correctly fill out the form on the page and click on request detail
  • Your details will be displayed and click continue
  • The Declaration form will be displayed click yes
  • A page will be displayed where you can change your name or age
  • Submit and wait for it to be approved.

Important Notice

For you to change your name or age using the online portal you must have a document such as a Court Affidavit, proof of name change, or an identity document.

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