How To Clear Cache On Android Phones

One crucial question most people ask before getting an Android phone is how large the phone’s memory is, this is because you can’t compare a 3GB RAM phone to that of 8GB RAM no way, they can function the same way, the 3GB phone will run out of storage faster maybe after a year the person with the 3GB will experience that the phone is slower and frequently rebooting. The 8GB phone will also experience that the phone is no longer faster but not after a year in most cases after two to three years.

So it doesn’t matter how large your Android phone memory is, in a long run you will still see your phone running out of storage. Are you having such issues now or do you know who is going through this problem? Then this article is for you, am here to guild you on how you can clear your Cache to enable you free space on your Android phone.

How to Clear Cache on Android Phone

One way to free your Android phone memory is to always clear your Cache.

Cache data are temporary files that are stored to enable you to have smooth and quick access anytime you want to access them.

Follow these simple to clear your Cache on your Android phone:

Open Setting on your Android phone.

Click on Storage.

From Setting to storage to clear Cache

Select the App you want clear Cache and click it.

Clear Cache
Clear Cache to regain space o n your Android phones

Click clear Cache and there you go free space.


Clearing cache will not stop you from using that App, because Cache are files that associated with an App when the cache is not cleared the App will be slow.

Most importantly clearing of Cache helps you to regain space and help to flush out corrupt files, In some case where the App refuse to update, when the Cache is cleared it will be forced to update.

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