How To Buy Airtime From Your Access Bank Account

It is very possible to buy airtime from your Access Bank account to your mobile line and your family and friends in just a few seconds, at any point in time. Buying airtime through your Access Bank account can be done even at midnight when card sellers are not available and it is a self-service, you can comfortably buy airtime for your loved ones whether or not they are using the same mobile network.

This article is for all those who are Access Bank users, the post is to teach you the steps you need to follow to buy airtime for yourself and your loved ones using your Access Bank account.

Most of the time we are unable to buy airtime for our loved ones due to many reasons such as Time, Environment, Weather, Cash, and due to different mobile networks, when a family member is using a mobile network that differs from yours is quite challenging because you might have enough airtime but no cash, how can you help now. but that is not the case when it comes to buying from your Access Bank account.

Let’s take it, step by step.

How to Buy Airtime From Your Access Bank Account

Buy airtime using Access Bank USSD code
Access Bank USSD code

There are various ways you buy airtime from your Access Bank account, the most important thing that qualifies is you must bank with Access Bank to enable you to use their services you can’t be banking with UBA and decide to use the services of Access Bank. Let’s see the different ways to buy airtime from Access bank through our Access bank account.

  • Through Access Bank mobile App.
  • Through the Access Bank Portal

The two methods above (ie Acess Bank Mobile App and Access Bank Portal ) use an internet connection meaning you must have a smartphone to enable you to use these two methods.

  • Access Bank USSD code

This method is for both smartphone and torchlight phone users and it is more convenient and easy to use. This article will be focused on this method (Access Bank USSD code).

How to Buy Airtime From Your Access Bank Account Using USSD code

This is in two parts, the part where you buy airtime for yourself and the part you buy airtime for your loved ones.

How to buy airtime for yourself using Access Bank USSD code

Just dial *901*Amount# and send it with the mobile line linked with your Acess Bank account.

If successful you will receive a debit alert.

How to buy airtime for Third party using Access Bank USSD code

Dial *901*Amount*mobile number of the receiver# and send it with your mobile line linked to your Access Bank account.

Next, you have to enter your secret PIN and send it.


Understand that if you have activated your mobile before you can perform these services successfully, and also you can see: How to transfer money from Access Bank to others.

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