Update Concerning ASUU Strike

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) begins this year with another one-month warning strike which started on the 14 of February 2022. Leaving more than 65% of students idle. The strike has been on for two months now, and no sign of calling off the strike soon.

One of the objectives of ASUU is to ensure a suitable environment for learning, ensure a good university system that can compete with the world, improve salary package, autonomy, etc.

Why the ASUU Strike?

The president of ASUU Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke stated the reason for the strike;

  • The poor commitment to the payment of academic earned allowance by the government.
  • The refusal to continue the use of the Integrated Personnel payroll information system, and to adopt the universities Transparency and Accountability Solution.
  • The proliferation of the universities in the country.

These are the reasons for the ongoing strike, is it enough reason for the strike?

Who is to be blamed ASUU or FG

One thing that keeps interrupting the academic calendar is the ASUU strike, especially the universities under ASUU, from one week to even six months, and for almost the same reasons. My question is, is there no better way to approach this matter, because as a student taking a four years course with the frequent strike, you will end up finishing a course in six years while you are meant to spend only four years and go for youth services, and if you are not wise enough to engage part-time work or get a quick skill you will miss out in important stuff. We have been taught, the most valuable thing in life is time,

On the other hand, FG is not helping the matter at all, even if you are a wicked father and your children keep disturbing you with a particular matter your pay attention to them and settle that matter.

Education is one of the ways to know a developing nation, the more literate we are, the fewer the problem we have. Those demands of the union are what they are entitled to, without our lecturers and teachers we can’t be what we are now. When the government is less concerned with the educational sector, it only means one thing, THEY NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE.

To develop the nation we must also pay attention to education.
Don’t kill the educational system

When will the ASUU Strike End

When the government begins to see education as one of the ways to develop the country and create a better Nigeria. Maybe it will prompt the government to meet the demand of ASUU.

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