Some Useful Apps For Android Phones

One thing that is common about android phone users we all have our individual choice while some are going for a strong battery android phones others are going for larger memory phones, and some others are going for a good camera phone. with all these choices and because there are varieties of phones you can easily get what you want.

For me, have always gone for a strong battery and large memory phone because my phone is also my office, it does not only serve as a mobile phone to me but also as a business center.

If you are in the same category as me then this article is for you and those of like minds, not everybody may see their android phones the way I see mine but if you are interested to make your android phone your business center you can join the Amazon KDP and make money without stress.

But one thing that makes the android phone more useful is the Application that the phone carries.

Some Useful Apps for Android Phones

One way to utilize the usefulness of your android phone is from the application the android phone carries, the kind of application your phone has to show how useful it is.

Some applications are very useful and make life easy for their users and they are:

  1. Adobe Apps

This App can be downloaded through the Google play store, you can download it for free, and to fully access its features you are to pay $52.99 per month. Adobe has useful apps like PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat), Adobe Lightroom, Photo editing, and many more.

2. Cam Scanner

This is the most useful mobile App I have seen, can be downloaded through the google play store. This app can be used to scan documents and then converted them to a PDF file, which can be sent through the E-mail, or saved on your device, most of the features can be used for free or if you fully want to utilize it there is a need to pay for a subscription.

3. Google Assistant/ Google Search

The most popular app and used app, well known by all smartphone users. These App Google Assistant and Google Feed plus Google search is which no app can compete with. The Apps help us to answer any question, set up reminders and pull up songs, and many others.

4. Google Translate

This app is available on any platform, one of the functions of Google Translate is the go-to translation app which also can translate what is captured with the camera into real-time, making the translation more accurate.

Whats Tool for bulk whatsapp messages
The Whats Tool for bulk Whatsapp Messages

Many other useful android applications make life easier for us. The most used app for most android phone users is the social media application like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and many others, which is great, if I may ask how do you send a bulk Whatsapp messages to contacts that are not saved on your phone, do you know with help of Camscanner, Ikontacts, and Whats Tool can help do that easily. If you want to know how it works send a comment and I will attend to you.

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