How To Recover Your Old Yahoo Account

Have you been trying to get back an old Yahoo mail? Worry less now! You are reading the right article. This article will take you step by step on how to recover your long-lost Yahoo account.

It is very possible to lose your Yahoo account due to many reasons, I lose mine because I had it when was still a teen, and no smartphone to access it as of then I can only access it when I get to a cyber cafe, which is only weekends and holiday period, so when we move out of that area I can no longer access my Yahoo account, I forget the password and the security question for years it was just some months ago I remember I had an account a Yahoo account and decided to recover and activate it.

You can get back your lost Yahoo account by just following a few steps.
Recover Your long-lost Yahoo account

How To Recover Your Long-Lost Yahoo Account

To recover and activate your old Yahoo account you have to know if the Yahoo account is deleted or not by following these methods.

  • Go to the Yahoo Home Page.
  • Sign in to the old Yahoo mail address and if the Yahoo is not deleted an option will be displayed.
  • Select any of the recovery options you can still access.
  • Enter the verification code sent to you and you are done.

In the case where your Yahoo account is deleted then you have to follow these methods.

  • Go to the Yahoo recovery Page.
  • Enter your old Yahoo account and click continue.
  • Security questions that are selected when opening the Yahoo account will be displayed you have to answer those questions.
  • The next page will be the Yahoo fix page where you have to read through and click submit and wait for Yahoo’s reply which might take up to a month.
following the necessary steps to recover your old Yahoo account.
Recover your old Yahoo account

Important Notice

To know when your Yahoo account is permanently deleted you get a response like ‘Sorry we recognize that Email address and at this point, the chances to recover your Yahoo account are almost zero.

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