How To Protect Your WhatsApp Account From Hackers

If you are reading this article it shows that you want to protect your WhatsApp from hackers, this Whatsapp hacking issue is going viral now and has made many lose their business contact and other relationships. Almost every smartphone user has a WhatsApp account, enabling them to connect with their loved ones at home and abroad without stress.

The question is can my WhatsApp account be hacked? Yes, it can be hacked in five (5) minutes, but not to worry this article will guide how to protect your WhatsApp from Hackers.

How to Protect your WhatsApp from Being Hacked

Two months ago my WhatsApp was almost hacked, most of these hackers use the social media hacking method to hack your WhatsApp, they will try tricking you to get the six-digit OTP in either for them to get access to your WhatsApp. But there are what to do to protect your WhatsApp from hackers and they are:

  • Do not share your six-digit OTP, because with that OTP anyone can use your mobile line to create a Whatsapp account, and immediately you will be disconnected while some other person will be using your mobile number to scam your friends and family.
  • Make sure to give your WhatsApp account extra protection by activating the Two-step verification.

The two-step verification is very important because even if you mistakenly give out the six-digit PIN with the two-step verification it will be impossible if you don’t share the two-step verification code.

Enable the Two-step verification to protect your WhatsApp account
Enable your Two-step Verification to protect your WhatsApp account from being hacked
  • Always look out for unauthorized web login and disconnect.
  • If you are added to a group you don’t know leave that group.

Important Notice

Protecting your WhatsApp account is also Protecting your friends and family from scammers, be careful of the kind of link you click so may just be a trap to hack your WhatsApp account or scam you.

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