How To Correct Name And Date Of Birth on Your NIN 2022.

This article is for those who have NIN (National Identification Number) but their name or date of birth on their NIN is not correct. The post will show how to go about it easily and stress-free.

Your name might be misspelled or you had a change of name due to marriage, especially the ladies when it comes to the issue of date of birth is mostly the year problem, for example, your birth year is 1989 but when you saw your NIN it was 1988 which does not correspond with your birth certificate.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has provided a solution for such a problem knowing that such issues will surely come up due to many reasons.

How To Correct Your Name And Date Of Birth On Your NIN

Before you correct your name or date of birth the requirement that is needed to complete the process which is:

Correct your name and DOB on your NIN
Correct your name and DOB on your NIN

Requirements For Change Of Name

  1. Your original NIN slip or card.
  2. Formal letter( stating the reason for the change)
  3. Your Remita slip ( the Remita given to you has payment made).
  4. Sworn Affidavit.
  5. Newspaper extract.
  6. marriage certificate (in the case of marriage).

You are to make a payment of five thousand naira (N5000).

Requirements For Change Of Date Of Birth

  1. Your original NIN slip.
  2. Application letter (state the reason for the change).
  3. Your Remita slip.
  4. birth certificate or Age declaration.

Also, note you will be required to make a payment of fifteen thousand naira (N15000).

How to get the Remita slip for both

  • Click the Remita Portal.
  • Click on pay bill.
  • The page will be displayed to fill the form correctly
    • who to pay to, enter ‘National Identity Management Commission.
    • Name of Service enters ‘Correction of date of Birth‘.
  • Follow the instruction and fill out the form.
  • if that is done correctly the Remita receipt will be displayed, if that is true proceed
  • Choose a method of payment suitable and make payment.
  • Print the Remita.

How To Correct Your Name On Your NIN

  • Proceed to the nearest NIMC office with all required documents and forget the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR)number.
  • Go to any official and tell what you want to do and a form will be given to you to fill.
  • Fill out the form correctly (Moderation data form) and submit.
  • The data you have provided will be used to update your data on the NIMC portal so make sure everything is correctly spelled.
  • You will be asked to by an office just to be sure.
  • You have to go through the biometrics capturing again.
  • If everything is done successfully you will be asked to come back in two (2) days’ time.

How To Correct Your Date Of Birth On Your

  • Visit any NIMC office close to you and make sure you with all documents required.
  • Meet with any of the officials
  • A form will be given to you to fill, please fill it out correctly and follow every instruction of the officials.

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Please take note of the following

Make sure to go with all required documents, especially with the RRR number.

You are to submit the old NIN slip.

For a change of name, the fee is N5000, and a change of date of birth is N15000 only.

Payments are made online through the Remita Portal.

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