How To Connect Your Smartphone To Your TV

One of the things I do with my android phone is to see movies with it either through Netflix or Telegram and also worship online, but this is more convenient when it is just you, when friends and family are to join you there is a need to connect it to your TV for a better view.

The weekend is always dull for my siblings when the DSTV subscription has ended, you will see them disturbed to either play games or see a movie with your phone but if you don’t want them to break your phone screen, connect your phone to your TV.

This article will guide you on how to connect your Smartphone to your TV.

How to Connect your Smartphone to your TV

Connect your smartphones to your TV
Connect your smartphones to your TV and get a better view

You can connect your Smartphone to your TV with cable wire or wirelessly by just following the instructions carefully.

Connect with a USB Cable

One way you can connect your smartphone to your TV is by connecting it with a USB cable, especially for gaming. When you connect your smartphone to your TV without a USB you will observe lag also when watching a movie.

For Android phones:

Android phones are mostly USB-C cables with Displayport, USB cables with MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link), and USB cables with Slimport while TVs now all have HDMI ports.

For iPhone /iPad:

The phones and iPad are lightning cables

connecting your smartphones to your TV depending on the type of devices you are using.

Connect Through Mirroring

This is also another method you can use to connect your smartphone to your TV, it can be wired or wireless depending on what you are screening.

When using a wired procedure you must make sure that your smartphone USB cable type and that of your TV are compatible if not you have to get an adapter that is suitable for it, especially for an android phone that uses Slimport will always require an adapter.

The wireless procedure is also a good way of mirroring, you can use the Miracast or Chromecast to screen depending on what your devices support, most devices support Miracast.

Important Notice

Understand that, there is a difference between Mirroring and Casting when mirroring you can not use your phone for any other activities but while casting you can use your phone for anything else.

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