How To Buy Airtime From Polaris Bank

Are you finding it difficult to buy airtime from your Polaris Bank? Worry no more. This post will show you the various ways you can purchase airtime through your Polaris Bank account easily.

There are times I want to buy airtime for myself, but I will still have to check just to be reminded because any wrong step you take when using any of the methods to buy airtime from your Polaris Bank account can just frustrate you especially when you are trying to buy airtime for your loved ones.

This article will guild you on how to buy airtime from your Polaris Bank account for yourself and that of your friends and family.

How to Buy Airtime from Your Polaris Bank Account

Buy airtime easily using the Polaris Bank USSD Code.
Buy airtime using the Polaris Bank USSD Code

Just like every other bank, Polaris Bank also has ways its customers can buy airtime from their accounts easily which are:

  • Through the Polaris Bank Mobile App

To use the Polaris Mobile App you need an internet connection which is possible with only smartphones.

  • Through the Polaris Internet Portal

This method also requires an internet connection.

  • The Polaris Bank USSD Code.

This method does not need any internet connection what you need is just your phone, when I say phone I mean any kind of phone including the Nokia 3310.

In this article, I will focus on the method (The Polaris Bank USSD Code).

How to Buy Airtime Using Polaris Bank USSD Code

There are ways to buy airtime from your Polaris Bank account as mentioned but this method can be used without the internet, so if you don’t have data you can comfortably still buy airtime from your Polaris Bank account. Let me show you the steps.

  1. To buy airtime for your mobile line.

Dial *833*Amount# and send it with the mobile line registered with your Polaris Bank account, and you are done.

2. To buy airtime for the third party.

Dial *833*Amount*the mobile number of the receiver# and send it with your mobile line used to receive the Polaris Bank alert.

On the next page, you have to enter your PIN and send it.

You can also see: How to transfer money using the Polaris Bank USSD code.

Important Notice

If you are using the Polaris Bank USSD code for the first time you will need to activate your mobile line, if that is your case then just dial *833# and follow the instruction.

Understand that the signal is dependent on your telecom provider.

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