How To Buy Airtime From Keystone Bank

You can buy, share or transfer airtime from your mobile line for others only if the receivers are using the same mobile network as you (e.g., MTN to MTN), but in a scenario where you want to buy airtime for a different mobile network, you have to buy from your bank account.

Keystone Bank had provided easy ways for its customers to deal with the problem of buying airtime for themselves and others directly from their Keystone Bank accounts.

This article is for all banking with Keystone Bank to show the step by step on how to buy airtime from your Keystone Bank account.

How to Buy Airtime From Your Keystone Bank Account

Using Keystone Bank to buy airtime
Using Keystone Bank USSD Code to buy airtime

Just as it is with other banks Keystone bank also had created an avenue to make life easy for its customers and one such way is to enable its customers to purchase airtime directly from their Keystone Bank account to their mobile lines. Let’s look at the ways to buy airtime from Keystone Bank.

  • Through the Keystone Bank Mobile App, using the Keystone mobile app is very easy what you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.
  • The Keystone Bank Internet portal is also another way you can buy airtime from your Keystone bank account, just like the formal method you will also need an internet connection which means you must have a smartphone.
  • The Keystone Bank USSD Code, This method does not require an internet connection

How to Buy Airtime Using the Keystone USSD Code

With the Keystone Bank USSD code, you can still buy airtime for yourself and your loved ones.

To buy airtime for yourself just dial *7111* Amount # and send it with the mobile line linked to your Keystone Bank account.

You have to enter your PIN and send it, then you will receive an alert from your mobile network provider stating your mobile line has been credited, and also from Keystone Bank you will receive a debit alert of the amount of airtime you purchased.

To buy airtime for others dial *7111*Amount* The mobile number of the receiver# and send it with your mobile line linked to your Keystone Bank account.

And enter your four-digit PIN and send it. In this case, you only receive a debit alert from Keystone Bank stating the amount of airtime you bought for the receiver.

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Important Notice

Have you activated your mobile line? If your answer is no then you can’t be able to use the Keystone Bank USSD code, to activate simply dial *7111# and follow the instructions.

The daily airtime you can recharge is Ten thousand Naira (N10000).

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